tether Wifi

Bluetooth tether application for Android G1

This simple application allows one to tether their android phone with their PC over bluetooth. The free edition only allows you to tether your wifi internet signal to your computer. The premium edition will tether both your wifi internet signal and your cell data internet signal. The way this app works is that it connects your phone to your computer over a wireless bluetooth connection. The app then forwards internet data from the phone to your computer so that your computer can have an internet connection using the phone's internet connection, the free edition only works when you have an internet connection from a wifi connection.


Use this application at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage that may result from using this application, rooting your phone, or anything else which this site may suggest. Using this type of application may or may not be allowed by your cell phone provider, check you agreement(s) and contract(s) with your cell phone provider before using this application. Read the full End User License Agreement here before installing, downloading, or using this application.

To use this application you must have super user (aka root, su) access on your phone. The super user access is used to run some linux executables to acheive tethering. If you do not have super user access or do not know what it is visit this wiki for G1, Magic, Nexus One, and Droid users and click on your device. HTC EVO 4g, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Desire, HTC Hero users visit Unrevoked 3. If you have questions do not hesitate to email me, as these guides change often due to phone updates and new devices.

Here are a few notes about the application:

  • To install this application, download it from the SlideMe.org market and install it. Visit SlideMe.org for information on obtaining the SlideMe.org market application, known as SAM (Slide's Android Application Manager).
  • You will need to pair your PC with your phone for this application to work. On your phone go to Settings --> Wireless controls --> Bluetooth settings
  • Pair your phone and PC, run the application, and click on the start tether button. Some people have found the app to work better if they pair after they hit the start tether button.
  • To stop the tethering just click on the stop tether button.
  • Bluetooth does not need to be on for this app to work. If it is off, the app will automatically turn it on and off when you click on the start and stop buttons respectively. If bluetooth is already on when you click the start button, the app will not turn it on or off.
  • After the bluetooth tethering service starts, you can connect to your phone from your PC. In windows xp this can be accomplished by going to Network Connections and then going to Bluetooth Network Connection. The default tcp/ip settings should work (DHCP must be enabled). You may need to click on the refresh button, if you do not see a refresh button make sure you have service pack 3 installed.
  • If you are looking for a linux script to automatically connect and disconnect your linux PC to the phone, go to step 11 of this article.
  • This program makes your phone act as a bluetooth NAT router with an IP of and will give your PC a DHCP lease of, in this current release you cannot change these settings.
  • This app is now released and stable, but if you have any problems or see any bugs post send me an email. Contact me through the market contact info.

View the licensing page for licensing details.

Version Log:

0.9.0 - first beta release
0.9.1 - fixed compatibility bug with tetherBlu
0.9.2 - added multiple connections
0.9.3 - added DHCP clients table, new icon! (thanks to mannyb for the icon)
0.9.4 - fixed intermittent bug that caused the app to crash sometimes
0.9.5 - fixed bug that caused app to crash when super user request activity comes up
1.0.0 - Official Release. Added MAC filter, increased max number of clients, added running status, added about menu item
1.0.1 - Minor updates
1.0.2 - Added Settings Page. some bug fixes
1.0.3 - Database Upgrade fix
1.0.4 - Minor Bugs
1.0.5 - UI clean up. SSID configuration added
1.0.6 - Upgrade bug fix. MAC filter items can now be entered with . as separtor character
1.0.7 - bug fix, some ADP phones where not broadcasting the SSID
1.0.8 - update which helps latency
1.1.0 - added additional settings
1.2.0 - Android 1.5 bug fix
1.2.1 - Android 1.5r3 bug fix, and apps2sd fix
1.2.2 - MacFilter bug fix
1.2.3 - Android 1.6 bug fix
1.3 - Added Support for additional phones
1.3.1 - EVO 4G fix
1.3.2 - bug fixes
1.3.3 - Easier support for Incredible and Desire

Thanks to all who helped me make this possible during the beta testing of this app.