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You can search the Internet for tablets and mobile phone recycling companies, and you'll turn up dozens of companies willing to take your old tablet or mobile phones and send you cash in return. It's a great way to earn a bit of extra pocket change while doing a good deed for the environment.

After all, when you sell an old mobile phone or tablet, you make sure that it doesn't end up taking up space at a local landfill. And in today's technology-obsessed world, a growing percentage of the waste stream that does end up at landfills is made up of electronics. And, yes, this certainly includes all those unwanted mobile phones that consumers throw in the trash every year.

Fortunately, the growing numbers of private recycling companies offer an alternative to consumers. They will take even used mobile phones or tablet that aren't working and turn them into cash for you. How about that; you get cash for your used mobile phone and tablet. is UKs fastest growing running mobile phone recycling and tablet comparison website. Here you will be able to compare all the major companies who pay cash for used electronics such as Mazuma mobile, Envirophone, Money For Your Phone, Bozowi and many more. Our goal is to make you the sellers more cash for unwanted phones and tablets.

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